Air Compressors


Air Audits

NJS SYSTEMS & CONTROLS offers a wide range of tools to help you evaluate, analyze and improve your air system efficiency and performance.

Compressed air audits are easy to carry out and provide invaluable information regarding compressed air system efficiency and optimisation potential.

Air Compressor Installation

Whether you require the installation of a complete air compressor system or you wish to add to an existing one, NJS SYSTEMS & CONTROLS can provide the equipment and services to meet your exact needs.  We offer turnkey installations to provide you with an trouble-free way to get your system up and running.

Air Compressor Service

NJS SYSTEMS & CONTROLS is fully equipped to provide any type of air compressor maintenance or service you need.  From major repairs and overhaul to simple oil changes, we have the experience, skill and technology to provide fast, reliable service with minimal downtime.